Jaunty Jungalow

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- Advanced Designer Website
- Logo Design
- Business Card Design
- Sticker Design
- Social Media Templates


Joshua Rizzo
Jillian Ohriner
Victoria Gonzales


The Jaunty Jungalow is a house plant and wellness company by Cassie Robertson. When Cassie described what she wanted from her website the notion of balancing energies came up a lot. She wanted to balance out masculine vs. feminine, bright and cheery vs. dark and moody, and earthy vs. astrological. Her whole business is dedicated to finding harmony and balance between these forces, so her website needed to visually represent that. We accomplished this on the home page by creating custom illustrations featuring a starry background that is intertwined in the designs of the woman's hair and plants. We also incorporated different animations and scrolling effects to keep the website feeling very fluid to keep the energy flowing.

Jaunty Jungalow opted for a simple typeface logo. We chose a fun playful script with star accents to capture the whimsical nature of her business.

We created social media templates for the Jaunty Jungalow to allow Cassie to cultivate a consistent brand on her feed that complimented her brand. We used the teal starry background consistently throughout her feed as well as well as illustrations that feel mystical and earthy. We created a pack of templates for different content such as quotes, events, and long form educational posts.


Jaunty Jungalow

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