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Bumblebee Flowers & Tea

Project Overview

Brand design for Bumblebee, a tea and flower shop located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Bumblebee provides a space to relax and replenish. They offer a variety of teas, a breakfast and lunch menu, beautiful flower arrangements, and private dining a few nights a week.

Brand Keywords

Elegant, Delicate, Whimsical, Calming, Traditional


Brand Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print

The Logo

The primary logo features a delicate hand-drawn logomark, an elegant and traditional script, and a sans serif tagline. The logomark features a sprig of lavender and jasmine, which represent both the flowers and tea offered by Bumblebee.


For the main heading, I selected a traditional and approachable serif font. Secondary headings and paragraph text use a clean, simple sans serif font.

Kind words

“Mariel was very patient working on our branding. Moving our business because of COVID was very traumatic, but working with Mariel was seamless, and the results were lovely!"


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