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You Shouldn't Have to Rely
on AirBNB for Bookings.

Save Money on
Platform Fees
Retain More Control of Your Reservations
Keep All Communication on One Platform

Why Do I Need a Direct Booking Website?

Many property owners think that they can just post their listing on AirBNB or VRBO and that having a website is unnecessary. Unfortunately that is not the case. While both of these platforms among others can be a great way to drive traffic to your site there are some serious drawbacks to solely relying on them.

  • Algorithm changes can hurt how often or how quickly your listing appears which means you are LOSING out on bookings. 

  • You are at the mercy of guest reviews and ONE bad review can take several months to recover from. 

  • Platform Fees are costing you THOUSANDS of dollars every year.

  • These sites are great ways to drive traffic but you still have to pay fees even if you find your own client. 

  • You can manage all of your calendars on one platform to avoid double bookings or missing a message. 

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Case Study

Live Oak Lake is a vacation rental with seven luxury Scandinavian cabins located in Waco, TX. In January 2021, we developed a direct booking website for them. They have created a huge buzz online growing their instagram following to over 70,000 followers. They have been featured in tv interviews, podcasts, and online publications. Their site receives thousands of hits everyday.


Here are some of their results.

  • The property has brought in $653,800 in direct booking revenue.

  • $100,000 of this would have gone to booking platforms. 

  • A few weeks into launching, AirBNB suspended their account unexpectedly due to a suspicious amount of five star reviews. These were later found to be real reviews and the account was re-instated. While they were off of AirBNB they were still able to take reservations due to their direct booking site. 


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